Paint Protection Film – Business & Finance Fri, 03 Jun 2016 09:38:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 3M Paint Protection Film- A Few Things You Must Be Aware Of Mon, 07 Sep 2015 08:00:15 +0000 Continue reading ]]> The paint protection film also known as the clear bra is basically a film, which works like a protective barrier between the exterior elements and the paint of the vehicle. These films are mainly designed to stick to the factory paint finish so that all the most exposed areas of the vehicle remain protected on a regular basis. The paint protection films are of different types and these are often sized specially to fit the areas like door edges, mirrors, rear bumpers, door cups etc. So, if you want to protect the future appearance of your vehicle, then this is the high time when you should invest in the paint protection films.

3M paint protection film

The 3M paint protection film Ottawa is one of the best paint protection films that are capable of offering protection where it is mostly required. So, by installing this spray applied protective film, you will be able to defend the paint of your vehicle from bugs, rock chips, salt, sand and other types of daily driving hazards.

Best features of this film:

  • Invisible protection for the car: You can spray the 3M paint protection film Ottawa on anywhere on the vehicle’s paint and therefore it will dry to a durable, clear film for offering virtually invisible protection. This car film is capable of defending against a complete range of elements like love bugs and other types of airborne insects, sand, gravel and the grit in climates of warm weather, rocks and other type of paint chip-causing road debris and winter road grime in the conditions of cold weather.
  • Durable defense: This film lasts for a year and during this time it protects the painted surfaces from all types of driving hazards. So, by installing this paint on your vehicle, you can enjoy your peace of mind.
  • Easy to use: This paint protection film easily puts the car paint protection in your hands. Being a spray film, the 3M paint protection film Ottawa can easily be used by anyone from the comfort of home. Besides, this product is water based for easy cleaning up as well as low in odor.


How to remove the film?


Apart from being really easy to apply, the paint protection film is also really easy to remove. There is no tool required to do this job. All you need to do is to pick an edge of the paint with your fingernail and then you can peel the coating from the surface with the help of your hands. For more info, you can consult with the experts.