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One of the important must-haves for outdoor events is the marquee hire Sydney. There is a need for the said rental item to offer a roof above the guests’ head. You must make sure that you are renting the said item from reputable suppliers.

To know if the marquee hire Sydney supplier is a good one to rely on, here are some tell-tale signs that must be taken into consideration:

  • When you are searching around for a supplier to rent you the marquee, you will definitely start searching through the Internet. You will end up finding supplier websites. In the website, make sure that the pictures of the marquee there are more than just the pictures produced by the actual marquee manufacturers. The supplier should also have their own picture of the marquees they have at their warehouse.
  • If you want to rent from a reputable supplier, then it is important that the marquee they are renting out are stored in a warehouse. You should reconsider if the said supplier is storing the said rental items at his or her own home.
  • The flooring system for the marquee should be considered. It can either be a matting or a solid wooden floor. If it is the latter, then know that it is heavier compared to the former option. That means that the said marquee will need to be transported via a specialized vehicle that require a special license. That means more expenses for you and the supplier.
  • A reputable supplier will have an insurance to show you. The said supplier should be able to produce a copy of their public liability insurance. This is the insurance that will protect their workers from any injuries while at work.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY. If the said marquee rental company is a professional one, then there is surely a comprehensive health and safety documentation the said company can show you. Customers should demand the said copy before rental. Do not allow a company to build a marquee on-site without the said documentation.
  • It is highly recommended that you find a company who has been in the business for more than three years. Most businesses do not make it past the second year. If the said business has reached more than three years, then it should be okay to trust in that company.
  • Find some testimonials or reviews made about the said rental company. The marquee hire Sydney should be more trustworthy if there are former customers who were happy with the services that were offered to them before.
  • In every payment made, the said rental company should be able to provide a receipt. The written receipt should show the company’s name, address, contact information, the name of the one who made the payment, as well as the amount.