Top 3 Customer Lessons practiced by Amazon

15Online shopping is incomplete without using the term Amazon. It’s the largest e-commerce site and in a very short period of time they have succeeded in establishing a strong and reliable image in the online shopping world. Nowadays you will find many platforms of online shopping, but as a customer you always prefer to go for those options which are reliable and you don’t have any fear of spamming and fraud. Started as a small online bookstore they have now extended their product portfolio to the great extent. Think of a product and you will find it on the site of Amazon. From toys to electronic accessories to home products to musical instruments, hence product of every category is available on this conglomerate platform. Whether you are fond of collecting antique stuff or you are looking for some hi-tech products, Amazon will help you in achieving your shopping goals.

If you are the regular user of Amazon then it’s the best idea to go for Amazon Prime. You can go through the process online or by simply calling at their customer service number you can get this facility. It’s a membership specially designed for the regular users of the Amazon.  You’d be able to receive your products on the very next day of your order and free of cost with the help of Prime membership.

A handful of products and dynamic clients across the globe are the attributes of Amazon due to which their customer service department remains busy throughout the day. Amazon is considered as a most customer oriented company in the world. In fact other huge and small companies need to learn customer service lessons from Amazon. Let’s have a look at the 3 best customer lessons practiced by Amazon:

  • No matter what, customers come first

If you have understood the importance of customers, then trust me you are done with the half of your task. Customers should be entrenched in your company to such extent that you can’t separate the two in any case. Amazon is following this strategy at their best. Their mission statement is so customer oriented. Amazon mission is to provide the customers with a platform where they can explore and find the product of their choice at competitive prices.

So, have you mentioned customers in your mission statement? If not then how can you define the worth of your customers? I know every company is offering different categories of products but the presence of customer oriented environment is really very important for the company.

  • Be as accessible as possible

The growth of a company is directly proportional to the invisibility of the CEO. I know its sound funny but it is the bitter truth of this world. If the company is moving towards the rapid growth or the company is enjoying a flourishing time period then the CEO of that company automatically creates a communication gap between him and the employees and customers. There are very few CEO’s of the bigger organizations in the world that remain in contact with the customers and the employees. In contrast to the other CEO’s, the owner of Amazon remains in contact with his customers on a daily basis. Customers can directly send an e-mail to the owner of Amazon, Bezos. If in the email customer has mentioned something wrong about the company performance then he will directly transfer your mail to the appropriate employee with one simple character “?”. Such response makes acustomer really happy and satisfied.

  • Follow up with customers even after a purchase

Chasing customers after a purchase session is a very good idea and can prove very healthy for your business. Amazon is effectivelyfollowing this strategy. Customers feel pampered in this strategy and they believe that the company care about their customers. Amazon contacts the customers on a call in order to know about the feedback a few weeks after delivery. Another way of following customers is via email. You can easily get to know what customers are thinking about your product.

No doubt that Amazon is a perfect shopping platform and they have spread operations globally due to which their customer service department remains busy throughout the day. If your query is urgent and you desperately want to contact them on a call then without wasting a single minute visit this website of Leading Numbers in no time they will directly connect your call with the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Amazon. So, call today at the Amazon contact number UKand resolve your issues.