What to Look for In a Lead Generation Firm

The fastest way to secure new work is to approach potential clients that you know really need your products or services. Doing this is far more effective than cold calling. Most businesses know this, which is why they buy, and use, lead lists from consumer data specialists.

These lists contain the contact details of potential customers who have already expressed an interest in certain products. For example, they have signed up to receive updates about solar heating systems, which means that they are interested in alternative energy, and probably cutting their power bills.


If you are a firm that sells solar panels, heat pumps or energy saving devices the chances are this person is interested in buying from you. They are a good target for your sales team.

However, not all lead gen firms are the same. Some are better than the rest. Here is what you need to look for when buying consumer data.


Lead generation is a complex process that takes a lot of time and requires expertise to do well. Therefore, the more experienced the consumer data provider you use is, the better.

Well-established lead gen companies provide a reliable service and good data. The fact a firm has been in business for many years is a good indicator that they provide excellent consumer leads. If they did not they would have quickly gone out of business.

Data quality

The best providers only sell good quality data. The details of each customer are complete, relevant to you, and are fresh, not years old.

An example of a reliable lead generation company

An example of a good provider is data-fresh.co.uk. The owners of this firm have been in the consumer data business for decades. They only sell relevant, fresh data and provide excellent support for any company that buys from them.